prospects + modek video’s 

The world seems to have a way of messing up my punctuous schedule, here’s 2 vids I did with reversed time schedule, resulting in a cutting & randomatrix exercise live action deluxe for the very talented PROSPECTS,

The Prospects – What is Tomorrow from the PROSPECTS on Vimeo.

and an ill timed (agenda whise) vector animation for MODEK, which became a very intense style exercise, and somehow went really eerie. This I think is great, but it ain’t no slick 3D graphics or hitech dancing twerk alien slow motion sex explosion choreography, fair warning.
STBD by me, Graphics by Gijs Dries, who went as far as he could go in the limited time given. Character design is a bitch!

also, I think I may have engaged in a youtube comment battle, god have mercy

Limbomania 2013 call to action 

I did a truckload of quick unscripted animations over telephone calls with local celebrities for the regional talent roadshow limbomania (also, dj-mania, for deejays, and comedymania, for funnystuff)
totals at 9 clips, gathered in a tidy playlist for your viewing pleasure:

5000 frames per second 

browsing here I found no recollection of an awesome promo spot I put together last year (busy times fly blablabla). The Genk on Stage festival celebrated 10 years and we thought doing so with confetti and baloons and a phantom high speed camera and motion tracking. briefly ran as a cinema commercial (bigscreen +) and on TV all over the great and vast territories of Flanders.

Genk On Stage 2012 promo (phantom flex) from JonasFJ on Vimeo.